Monday, May 4, 2015

Just Begin...


I want to say thank you to the group that came out Saturday for the evangelism conference. Dr. Matt Queen encouraged and reminded us that, as disciples of Jesus, we have the privilege and responsibility to tell the good news of Jesus. Most likely, you have learned how to share how Jesus has changed your life and have shared your story. Often, though, the busyness of life takes over and we stop actively sharing our faith in Christ. Usually, we do not stop on purpose…we just stop.

            Friend, would you be willing to start again? Would you be willing to join your church to ReachNB? I have set a bold goal in front of us to knock on thousands of doors in New Braunfels. Knocking on doors isn’t the goal. The goal is sharing the gospel. As we go to neighborhoods, we will be reminded that Jesus loves the people of New Braunfels and we must do so as well. My hope is you will see your neighborhood as a mission field. Begin now to pray for your neighbors. Begin now to prayer-walk your streets. Begin now to identify families that do not attend church. Most importantly, simply begin…

            Jesus said, The harvest is abundant, but the workers are few (Matt. 9:37, HCSB). What good news this is! Even today, Jesus is working in the life of someone who is waiting for a  gospel witness. That gospel witness just might come from you. Will you begin today?

Pastor Brad

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